Innovative Design

Packaging Excellence Specifically Designed for Pharmaceuticals

CalConn United’s sole priority is to improve the dispensing of pharmaceutical cream through specially designed airless pump bottles.  Using reliable, airless pump technology, our array of bottles are designed to output a calibrated fixed dosage.  Each bottle’s capacity is appropriate for the physician’s prescription period.  And with airless pump technology, wasteful air pockets are practically eliminated, providing dosage outputs that are reliable and cost-effective.  Patients can now rest assured that they are dispensing the right dosage amount for their prescription.

CalConn United recognizes the importance of physical quality, as well as the perception of quality that comes from aesthetic design.  Applying over 25 years of visual design experience, we have created pharmaceutical packaging that provides functional excellence contained within a dispensing system with an up-scale appearance.  The medicines our bottles carry are created by compounding pharmacists with exacting requirements.  Our packaging reflects their standards, as well as the discriminating tastes of the consumers who use them.  Simply put… we provide aesthetically pleasing packaging of the highest quality, appropriate for the top-of-the-line pharmaceutical products they contain.  

Functional excellence.  Aesthetically appealing.  Cost-effective.  
Our customers know the difference and they’re choosing CalConn United.