Frequently Asked Questions

Q? So many dispensing products are limited to one specific dosage output and capacity. What about yours?


CalConn United offers numerous pumps, each with a calibrated fixed dosage output.  Options include 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 1.0ml and 1.5ml.  As far as the choices for bottle capacities, the assortment is wide!  Our bottles are available in volumes ranging from 30ml to 250ml.   Some of the more commonly requested sizes include 50ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml and 200ml.

Q? With some dispensing products, a significant amount of medicine is never actuated, as the cream is unable to be fully discharged. Is it any better with airless pump bottles?


Much!  CalConn United’s airless pump bottles regularly output more than 95% of the cream based product.  Typically, it is nearly all of it, providing greatly reduced waste.

Q? How reliable are the dosages with airless pump bottles?


CalConn United’s bottles have a calibrated fixed dosage output.  As with all dispensing products, it is important that a licensed pharmacist properly loads the cream into the bottle.  They must then prime it to expel all air for optimum effectiveness.  It is incumbent upon that the pharmacist to check the dosage output for all prescriptions they fill, as all formulas and bases have slight variances and batches may need adjustment to the product’s calibration. A licensed pharmacist should also verify all formula conversions before dispensing to patients.  When done properly, the output dosage is very reliable.

Q? Are there any leakage issues with the bottles?


No, the design of the pumps is such that cream is only expeled with a pump actuation.

Q? I am tired of such basic and boring plastic containers for my medicine. Given the cost of the medicine, you would think it could come in a nicer container. Does CalConn United have anything to offer here?


We offer different styles for different tastes and budgets.  Our airless pump bottles are aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the highest quality.

Q? Are all pharmaceutical creams appropriate for use in CalConn United’s airless pump bottles?


Our pumps work very well with a wide variety of cream based medicines.  However, CalConn United cannot test all prescription medicines that exist on the market and accordingly, makes no such claims toward product effectiveness for all medicinal creams.  The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated CalConn United’s airless pump bottles.   A licensed pharmacist should always evaluate use with any prescription medication and test for proper calibration for that specific medicine.